TANK AND SILO TRUCK WASH tel 24 264 40 84 wew. 22

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We invite you to the cistern / silo wash located on our company site.

When transporting any type of material, it is very important to clean the transport tanks thoroughly. Careful cleaning of the transport tanks prevents contamination of the newly transported material. It prevents mixing products transported in successive shipments, which could interfere with their further processing.

Taurus sp. z o.o. is a member of the Polish Tank Cleaning Association (PSMC) participating in the structures of the European organization EFTCO (European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organizations).

Our silo washing consists in cleaning the tanker interior, but also its equipment - hoses, pumps or other accessories. For this purpose, we use a wide range of technical facilities: high-pressure units, steam generators, washing heads, high quality chemicals or heating system.

Each tank / silo wash is confirmed by an ECD washing document

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