Taurus - Megi i Coilmulde TAURUS Sp.z o.o. was established in 1989. From the very beginning we specialized in international transport, which we complemented with the activities of our forwarding and service of trucks and trailers. All our vehicles are semi-trailers of the tautliner coilmulde type adapted to transporting steel in coils. All vehicles are equipped with the necessary equipment for cargo securing: belts, fastening chains, holding beams, angles, anti-slip mats, that allow securing possibly wide range of entrusted loads, depending on their type. In order to meet the requirements of our customers we constantly control the process of our vehicle fleet circulation, using a modern GPSmonitoring system. Thanks to this, at any time we have up-to-date information on the geographical position of our trucks, and on the stage of the transport order completion.

At the moment we have over 100 sets of Coilmulde semi-trailers equipped with troughs for transporting steel in coils. Thanks to such a number of our own vehicles we are able to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Moreover, TAURUS company has in its fleet silo type trailers, used for transportation of loose materials.

If you have any questions about the operation of our company, or are interested in business with TAURUS please contact our office.