At present, most of the truck-tractors in the Taurus fleet meet the Euro 6 emission standards.. The company is constantly striving to modernize its fleet by choosing newest vehicles with higher ecological efficiency of combusted fuel, which significantly reduces environmental pollution. Recycling also plays an important role in the environmental policy of the company. In particular, car tyres, machine park waste, including workshop waste, as well as office waste are subject to recovery.

In order to protect the environment, the Taurus drivers use eco-driving techniques. Smooth driving, suitable gear shifting, proper tyre pressure, removal of unnecessary accessories can save from 5 to 25% of fuel. Savings in this area are also achieved by avoiding short trips and stops with the engine running, the suitable travel planning and limit the use of electrical appliances such as heating, air conditioning and glass heating. The selection of fuels used by the Taurus fleet trucks is not random. 100% of the fleet run on diesel engines, which in terms of exhaust emissions, perform much better than petrol and LPG.

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